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Become a life-size collectible toy with this action figure beach blanket

You'll feel like you're still in mint condition with this blanket that mimics an action figure package, complete with an area to place your accessories. The Kung Fu Grip option is up to you.


Increase your self worth by pretending to be a highly sought collectible with this colorful Action Hero Beach Blanket, an exclusive product from ThinkGeek, the online nerd-themed retailer.

Even though you may not feel like a pristine human, untouched by the wear and tear of daily life, you can tell the world you're still in great condition -- at least by toy standards.

Plus you can add your own toy accessories such as a cocktail, a water gun or a good book.

With your body's 230 points of articulation, you're one of the best posable action figures ever made.

You even have interchangeable heads depending on your mood. Just don't break any of your parts unless you're under warranty or have comprehensive health insurance.

This 100 percent cotton Action Hero Beach Blanket measures 42 inches wide by 78 inches tall (107 by 198 centimeters) and sells for $30 (which converts to about £20 or AU$45).

Remember to put on plenty of sunscreen while relaxing on the Action Hero Beach Blanket, or you could end up looking like a blister pack.