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Feeding the smart phone addiction

Cell phone app helps check easy tasks off to-do list.

Silicon Valley start-up EasyReach, has given BlackBerry addicts and Treoholics yet another reason to be constantly thumb-typing with brows furrowed.


The idea is to check as many items off a to-do list as possible using just a mobile phone, said EasyReach CEO John Stossel.

EasyReach is a free mobile application that lets users shop for things like books on, expertly shredded denim from Abercrombie & Fitch, add movies to a Netflix queue, or rent a sports car or hotel room. Or, send last-minute flowers or a card right from the phone. It's called "Express Shopping" and requires no more than a few clicks and scrolls, instead of waiting for a smart phone's browser to download a Web page that's not optimized for mobile viewing.

And your credit card and shipping info will have been input at the start, so there's no need to re-enter anything.

Some might call EasyReach's application "getting things done." Pop psychology calls it "enabling."