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FeedFliks shows if you are a Netflix hog

FeedFliks leverages Netflix's API to tell you when you've had a movie out too long, what your cost per movie is, and how to optimize your queue.

FeedFliks' motto is "Get your money's worth from Netflix" and it comes with a variety of tracking tools to help you do just that. Josh Lowensohn covered this start-up a little more than a year ago, but since then FeedFliks has taken advantage of Netflix's API to build out an even more impressive set of features. FeedFliks allows you to see how long you have movies checked out, what your cost per movie is, as well as optimize your queue.

FeedFliks shows me that I've been neglecting my Netflix account. Screenshot by Harrison Hoffman/CNET

In its early days, FeedFliks used your Netflix RSS feed to pull its information, but the introduction of the Netflix API allowed it to connect your account with Netflix in order to pull data. This gives the site access to your entire renting history so that it can analyze your watching behavior. One product of the analysis is that it presents you with a pie chart of how long you usually have movies out for and compares it to all of the users who have plugged into FeedFliks. Your cost per movie is also calculated so that you can gauge if a subscription is worth it. FeedFliks is packed with these interesting statistics on your Netflix usage. To try to avoid having a movie out for too long, you can have FeedFliks send you an alert to return it.

The "vital statistics" for my Netflix account. Screenshot by Harrison Hoffman/CNET

One of the most interesting features that FeedFliks has is that it can analyze your queue and tell you which movies should be higher up. It uses Netflix's personalized ratings for you in order to determine what you will likely enjoy the most. If you have a 5 star recommendation buried at number 200, then you probably won't ever get to it. FeedFliks will help bring that to your attention so you can enjoy a killer movie.. Hopefully once Netflix implements its million dollar recommendation algorithm this analysis will be even more helpful and accurate.

Finally, FeedFliks has implemented a sort of advanced search, which is currently something that Netflix lacks. For example, on FeedFliks, you can sort for a comedy, made between 1970 and 1985 that has at least a 3.5-star rating. This could be pretty useful if you're looking for a specific movie that you can't quite put your finger on, or if you're just interested in discovering new ones.

FeedFliks presents a lot of useful statistics relating to your Netflix account. Seeing all of these numbers laid out for you can be very useful in figuring out how to get the most out of your account. I would dub it " for Netflix." The functionality is there, so if they work on the presentation of the site some, it would have a legitimate chance of making it as a mainstream service.