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Feed an army and clean up after them too

Mega90 dishwasher by Baumatic is big enough to wash 16 place settings at a time.

This twin compartment dishwasher pulls double duty on your dirty dishes Appliancist

If you hate doing dishes by hand, then you'll jump for joy over the creation of this monstrous twin compartment dishwasher by Baumatic.

Dubbed "the Mega90," this clunker is little more than two 18-inch single washers squeezed right next to each other. But if you have the space and extra energy to spare, the Mega90 is capable of washing up to 16 place settings in one fell swoop. Armed with a variety of cycle options, including Normal, Intensive, Economy, Glass, Rapid, Rinse, and Soak, you can bathe your dirty dishes in a temperature of your choice between 104 and 158 degrees Fahrenheit. Outside of its obvious large capacity, it also offers other expansion options, including a height-adjustable upper basket and collapsible plate racks.

If energy efficiency is your thing, however, then the Mega90 might not be the best fit for you: it's only rated BBB for its energy-efficiency class.