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Fedora gets a new project leader

Fedora is getting a new project leader, but he's been a leader with Fedora for some time. That's the magic of open source.

Max Spevack is resigning from his role as Fedora Project Lead, handing over the reins to Paul Frields, who has been active in Fedora since 2003 with Fedora's documentation, packaging, marketing, news, and artwork teams. He'll be joining Red Hat as part of his assumption of the Fedora Project Lead duties.

In Max's announcement, he also noted that Jack Aboutboul will be taking a full-time role in Fedora marketing, community building, and Ambassadors. Congratulations to both Jack and Paul.

Isn't it interesting that someone could have such a big impact on Red Hat as Paul has...without working for Red Hat? That's the power of open source. Merit before bureaucracy.