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Feck! Drink! Girls! Father Jack from Father Ted gets his own iPhone app

Channel 4 has released a new iPhone app based on legendary sitcom Father Ted, with the app promising to turn you into foul-mouthed alcoholic priest Father Jack.

Apple has unaccountably failed so far to put alcoholic Irish priests who swear like navvies at the centre of its iPhone TV ads. Perhaps Channel 4's new app will change its mind -- Father Jack Me is based on classic sitcom Father Ted, and lets you become Jack through the power of photo-manipulation alone.

Or, as the app's official blurb puts it: "Father Jack Me will turn you into a feckless, lazy, alcoholic, foul-mouthed priest. Use your iPhone camera -- or photos already stored on your device -- to transform your face into a booze-blotched, furrowed, ageing priest-like image in the mould of Father Jack!"

It's the first official app for Father Ted, although it's the latest in a line of apps made by Channel 4 to promote its shows -- others include apps for Come Dine With Me, Peep Show and Jamie's 30 Minute Meals.

The Father Jack Me app gets you to take a picture of yourself -- or indeed any friend, family member or random stranger -- and then apply various add-ons to it. They include "morning-after eye bags, nose thatch, mystery crumbs, cheek hair and many, many more to make your face truly repulsive". Which is nice.

It works as a soundboard too, with key phrases including "Feck!", "Girls!" and the obligatory "Drink!" all booming out when you tap the screen. Images can be shared via email or Facebook, or saved to your iPhone's photo library.

We usually run a mile from soundboard apps on the iPhone -- the last couple of weeks have seen a wave of cheap unlicensed Charlie Sheen soundboard apps, for example, which should be given a wider berth than the unhinged star's rambling live shows.

Anyway, Father Jack Me is on the App Store now for your delectation, and will set you back a mere 59p. You will buy it. You will. YOU WILL! Ahem.