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FCC official on National Broadband Plan (podcast)

On the eve of the agency's delivery of the National Broadband Plan to Congress, Larry Magid talks with FCC Chief of Staff Edward Lazarus.

FCC's lays out the plan's details. FCC

As the Federal Communications Commission was about to deliver its National Broadband Plan to Congress, agency Chief of Staff Edward Lazarus talked about the benefits of the plan and why he thinks it will make the United States more competitive.

The plan, formally delivered to Congress Tuesday morning, articulates an ambitious set of goals including connecting 100 million households to "affordable 100-megabits-per-second service," providing "affordable access in every American community to ultra-high-speed broadband of at least 1 gigabit per second at anchor institutions," and ensuring that the U.S. is "leading the world in mobile innovation by making 500 megahertz of spectrum newly available for licensed and unlicensed use."

The plan also calls upon the country to move "from roughly 65 percent [broadband penetration] to more than 90 percent and make sure that every child in America is digitally literate by the time he or she leaves high school" and to bring "affordable broadband to rural communities, schools, libraries, and vulnerable populations by transitioning existing Universal Service Fund support from yesterday's analog technologies to tomorrow's digital infrastructure."

In this 8 minute 43 second interview, Lazarus explains why broadband is such an important focus for the agency and it plans to increase both penetration and speed.


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