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FCC leaks new Slingbox model

A heretofore unknown Slingbox model has received approval on the FCC's Web site.

FCC photo of Slingbox back panel
Say hello to the next Slingbox FCC via TG Daily

Looks as if a third-generation Slingbox model is on the way. Already making the rounds on AOL's Engadget and enthusiast site Sling Community, the images look to have been originally culled from the FCC's Web site, courtesy of TG Daily. No digital fakery here, either: the FCC site is definitely the original source, and a Sling spokesman we contacted simply replied, "We're not prepared to comment at this time." That's hardly a denial, and it's as close to a confirmation as you can expect prior to an official announcement.

Angled view of new Slingbox, leaked from FCC
The front end of the new Sling FCC via Sling Community

What can we glean about the new Slingbox from the images? It appears that the device is a next-gen version of the Slingbox Pro, albeit with component video inputs built-in (obviating the necessity for the Pro's $50 dongle). Those same inputs certainly imply high-def video support. The RF jack (the screw-type connector on the far right) indicates that the new Slingbox has either an analog cable tuner and/or an ATSC tuner for receiving over-the-air high-def broadcasts. To date, no Slingbox has supported wireless networking, and--unless the antenna is built-in--this model looks to have the same restriction.

Further details may emerge after a closer examination of the FCC documents, and we'll let you know as soon as Sling has an official announcement on the product. In the meantime, prospective Slingbox purchasers might want to hold off until we get specs and pricing for this new model.

Oh, and here's a final plea to Sling: We're hoping the white color is strictly a prototype. Let's see it in a home theater-friendly black, please.