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FCC gives OK to 120GB Zune

Microsoft appears to be upping the ante on its current 80GB model.

120GB Zune
Microsoft's 120GB Zune gets by the FCC. FCC

The FCC's Web site let us all in on a little Microsoft secret Monday: the company is working on a 120GB Zune.

A report detailing a test performed by the government agency in mid-June shows a picture of the portable media player, which looks identical to the 80GB version of the device. It doesn't appear that there are any other spec changes besides the larger hard drive capacity.

At 120GB, that puts Microsoft neatly between Apple's largest-capacity iPod offerings. Apple has an 80GB and a 160GB iPod Classic, and doesn't participate in the 120GB category.

And although the report has plenty to say about radiation test results, it offers nothing about any prospective release date or price.