FBI reportedly targets anarchist Web site

The FBI is demanding server logs from a popular anarchist Web site, according to a post by the system administrator.

Quoth the administrator, "Dave": "I'm under court order not to speak about specifics and have my attorney trying to find out what the maximum penalty for disclosure really is. I hate to have to keep my mouth shut in areas where the Gestapo is involved, but I also have to weigh things against the overall security of flag and it's subdomains and also the wellbeing of my family." The site, flag.blackened.net, hosts texts like the Anarchist Library and other political and activist tracts.

This isn't the first time the FBI demanded Web logs from activist groups: it's happened before with Indymedia sites. As a result, some Indymedia sites have adopted a simple policy of not keeping logs. It doesn't look like Dave followed their lead.

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