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Fawnt makes font hunting easy, sexy

Get some sweet font finds with Fawnt, a very pretty looking directory.

Fawnt is a new font link directory that's got a variety of interesting and neat-looking fonts for your computer. I've been to a lot of sites like these in years past, and many are nauseatingly ugly and difficult to navigate. Fawnt, on the other hand, goes the slick and clean route, showing you a dozen fonts at a time in little white bubbles that can be navigated (12 at a time) with simple and large arrow buttons.

Clicking on any of the font links will take you to its site or origin, where you can go download and install it on your machine. The site also keeps track of how many clicks each font has, giving you a quick way to see what's been popular. Many of the fonts are free, but several are not--unfortunately, you don't find this out until you get there.

Like other user-generated sites, Fawnt is powered by community submissions. Its creators go through and separate the good from the bad to promote items to the front page instead of using an upcoming section like Digg or Reddit. The result is a smaller library of items, but what's there is very good-looking. There are currently just over 50 to choose from, and there's a search tool to help sort through them. If you've been scared away by some font libraries in the past, give this site a look; it's delightfully simple.

Look, it's a font directory with no flashing banner ads or pop-ups. Well, at least until you get to where the fonts are being hosted. CNET Networks