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Faux Golden Globe made of half-million magnets

A behemoth magnet sculpture made out of 550,000 tiny golden magnets called Nanodots takes Guinness World Record for "World's Largest Magnetic Structure."

Nanodots Golden Globe statue
Jennifer Love Hewitt and Alex Beh pose with the Nanodots Golden Globe statue. Personally, I'd be a bit hesitant to be near a giant magnet for too long. Nanodots

Ricky Gervais got in a record number of jabs at celebrities at this year's Golden Globe Awards (and I, for one, loved every minute of it). But that wasn't the only record set.

A couple of days before Sunday's ceremony, two dashingly dressed gentlemen unveiled the new Guinness World Record holder for "World's Largest Magnetic Structure" in the shape of a Golden Globe statue.

The behemoth is made out of 550,000 tiny golden magnets called Nanodots. It weighs a staggering 600 pounds, and completely shatters the previous record-holding sculpture, which consisted of a paltry 32,786 dots.

"Dots" is a funny word for a mini-magnet, but these dots are super, super strong. After looking at some of the tutorials on the Nanodots Web site I quickly realized you can do a lot with very little. We're talking about the ability to build the polyhedron of your dreams. A Lego for the 21st century.

Nanodots sell in packages of 216 variously colored dots for $29 and up. The components of the Nanodots Golden Globe statue were constructed in the top-secret Nanodot labs in Toronto and then shipped to Hollywood, where the statue was crafted in a Golden Globes gift suite and kept far away from stars' expensive jewelry.

I hope the next world record structure is made to resemble a Death Star.