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Faulty iPhone alarms cause Lakers to lose?

Three Los Angeles Lakers reportedly blame malfunctioning iPhone alarms for oversleeping before an horrific loss to the Memphis Grizzlies.

Playing in the NBA is a high-pressure, neurotic experience.

You are so tall that the public glares at you even when you're not on the court. This apparently means you must get the appropriate amount of sleep--not too much, not too little--in order to perform your best.

It seems that three members of the Los Angeles Lakers relied on their iPhone alarms on Sunday to wake them at the perfect moment. And their iPhones let them down so badly that the Lakers then let their fans down by performing like sleepwalking oddities against the Memphis Grizzlies.

According to, Lakers' power forward Pau Gasol claimed he turned up late for the morning shootaround because of his troubled iPhone, though a Lakers official told ESPN that Gasol failed to shoot around at all.

And everyone knows that if you don't shoot around in the morning, you are unlikely to be able to do it later in the day. Gasol had a desperately substandard game, enjoying 5 turnovers and a mere 10 points.

Was Pau Gasol's routine discombobulated by his iPhone? CC Bridgetds/Flickr

Luke Walton was another who reportedly blamed his iPhone for sudden tardiness. A third Laker, who by some magic managed to keep his name out of the sleepwalk of shame (but was, most definitely, oh no, not Kobe Bryant), was also said to be involved.

The iPhone alarm glitch did affect many, many people out in the real world.

Yet some will naturally wonder whether Gasol, Walton and the third Later managed to use Apple's difficulties in order to achieve a little more rest.

The Lakers' sometimes sleepy-looking coach, Phil Jackson, didn't claim the iPhones caused the loss. However, he was clearly perturbed when he told ESPN: "I always think that it affects the team's performance when everybody is not in their places ready to go when it's 10 o'clock in the morning and we're supposed to be ready to go through a film session."

The question is, did malfunctioning iPhones affect the team's performance enough for it to be crushed by 19 points beneath the well-rested, but hardly intimidating, hightops of the Memphis Grizzlies?