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FatWallet gets in on Black Friday craze

FatWallet preps for Black Friday with new Black Friday and Cyber Monday page. It joins one of many companies that are offering information on the latest Black Friday deals.

With just two weeks to go before Black Friday, online-coupon site FatWallet announced on Friday that it has launched a Black Friday page where Web users can track all the latest deals for the big shopping day.

Currently, the site lists all the latest Black Friday ads that have surfaced, as well as news and rumors surrounding the day. It also has information on Cyber Monday, the Web's big shopping day, which falls on the Monday after Black Friday.

Of course, FatWallet isn't alone in this space. Several companies, including BlackFriday.Info and DealTaker to name a few, are displaying Black Friday deals. Each site lists many of the same ads. A few of the resources provide updated news. FatWallet happens to be one of them.

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