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Father's Day celebrated with Google doodle

It's Father's Day, and Google is celebrating the only way it knows how.

Head on over to the Google home page today and you'll see a green L sitting in a chair, wearing a pair of Clark Kent specs, reading a paper. A remote control device appears from round the back of the chair, carrying a cup of something.

The E of the Google logo is the cheeky scamp with the remote control, and they high five. It's Google's way of saying happy Father's Day, as the rest of the logo appears in grey from behind the chair. All together now: Ahhhh.

Today is Father's Day, so if you haven't bought a card yet, better get making some serious amends, pronto.

It's not the greatest Google doodle to be honest. Previously we've had animations, short films, 8-bit tributes, mash ups, and even playable games. But it does the trick. And Father's Day is every year, so it was always going to be less special than someone's landmark birthday.

The first Google doodle was back in 1998, when the co-founders went on a beano to the Burning Man festival in Nevada, and left the doodle to let everyone know they were away in case the servers went down. It's since grown into a whole separate arm of the company, with its own store where you can buy products bearing the doodles.

You can see the full archive here.

Recent doodles include the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, the birthday of the creator of the Fabergé egg, and even an amazing Moog synthesizer that you can play. I think the interactive ones are the best, though they do make it hard to get anything else done during the day.

We've collected a few of our favourites in the video below. Take a look and let me know which are your favourites either on our Facebook page, or in the comments below.