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'Fat Man Walking' makes it across country

Steve Vaught, the once 400 pound man who's been walking across the country to shed weight and gain a new outlook on life, made it to his New York City destination last night. He was greeted at the George Washington Bridge by a crowd of fans and reporters, some of whom were from international media outlets.

Steve Vaught

Also known as "The Fat Man Walking," which is the name of his popular Web site, Vaught, began the trek last April from Oceanside, Calif. He walked almost 3,000 miles in 13 months and lost about 100 pounds along the way.

Vaught used a high-tech pack, video camera, cell phone, iPod and laptop to make the trip more bearable, and developed a strong and inspired Web following. Web traffic increased so dramatically as he neared the end of his trek this week, graphic-rich pages like the photo album were unpublished too ensure the site loaded speedily.

Vaught appeared on the Today Showthis morning. He answered questions on everything from the severe depression he suffered after accidentally killing two elderly pedestrians while driving 15 years ago, to his newly learned life motto: "You really have to enjoy what you have now," instead of worrying about the past or the future, he said.

Turns out Vaught and his wife, April, who helped update the Web site and answer e-mails from fans, are getting divorced--something Vaught said is a good thing for them both.

Vaught said he's not sure what's in store for his future. For now, he plans to spend time with his two children and has a book to write for HarperCollins.

We've already named his next Internet venture--"The Fat Man Dating."