Faster than a speeding gamer�

Road Runner is gearing up to offer 6 mpbs downloads. But not on my salary.

Time Warner and Road Runner say they'll be rolling out a 6 mbps cable modem service in most of the company's 31 operating areas. That's a pittance next to the 15 mpbs or even 30 mpbs "Fios" service that Verizon will be offering over its new fiber optic cables, but I'm not gonna sneeze at it either.

Road Runner says it's aiming the service at gamers and other power users, and will be charging between $65 and $85 month, depending on whether you also subscribe to voice and cable TV services. That makes my excitement go down a little bit. It's the whole writer's-salary thing.

Eventually this will come down, but only if there's competition at the higher speeds. And that seems unlikely for a long time to come in most areas. Want a different take on things? Look at South Korea, where people routinely get 8 mbps for the price of our DSL or less.