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Fast track your design with the Web color visualizer

Pick some cool (or hot) colors with this Web design tool.

Adobe's Kuler (coverage) is neat for finding color schemes that are aesthetically pleasing, but what about when you want to figure out what colored text will look like on a colored background? You can either spend time trying each combination in something like Dreamweaver, or by using this handy tool, which lets you select a background then the secondary color (for something like text) by just hovering over each color hash with your mouse.

Even if you're not a cutting edge Web designer it's pretty fun. Plus, once you've found your colors you can match them up with Flickr photos using Kuler's latest release.

(Found on Delicious)

Swatches may have lost their cool in the '80s, but these color samples are timeless for Web designers. This tool lets you figure out what's hot and cool by just mousing over the colors. CNET Networks