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Fast service at China check-in

Ever get mad at a border guard? With technology implemented at Beijing's international airport, now you can tell his supervisor.

Although China's government has been mired in human rights problems for years, the bureaucrats do know a thing about customer service.

Communist party members have to undergo the "360" review process for promotions, the peer-review system that helps determine promotions at companies like Intel. (The party picked it up from U.S. corporations, Jian Daning, director of the , told us a few years ago).

Customer service-rating tool Michael Kanellos/CNET

Want to open a company here? The system for tax breaks for exporters is well mapped-out, and there are several regions offering deals on land in industrial parks.

And there's this handy screen at customs at the Beijing Capital International Airport. It allows visitors and returnees to rate the customer service given by the customs official at the desk. You push a button to indicate Greatly Satisfied, Satisfied, Checking Time Took Too Long or Poor Customer Service.

And you can rate the official before, or after, he stamps your passport and studies your visa. It's right there at the customs gate. I was in a fairly quick lane, and didn't get sent back to a sniffer dog, so I gave officer No. 30043 a Greatly Satisfied.