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Fast Search refreshes corporate tools

Fast Search & Transfer on Tuesday released its next-generation search platform, which lets corporations navigate the Web and internal data from one starting point. Called Fast ESP, the system lets companies retrieve structured information, including data from customer management tools; and unstructured information in e-mail, instant message logs, Web pages and documents. Market researcher IDC estimates that such unstructured data represents about 80 percent of information housed by enterprises. Fast ESP enables companies to aggregate, index and retrieve that information--and relevant data from the Web--in real-time, the company said. The platform is standards-based and scalable to various data requirements.

The new platform will support various specialized search software, including Fast Data Search for Site Search and Fast Data Search for eCommerce. "While enabling our customers to gain value from streams of formerly untapped information, Fast ESP is also propelling...our global partners into new markets, where there is a need to harvest information from massive silos of data to enable well-informed business decisions."