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Fast Mac clone unleashed

Umax unveils one of the fastest Apple Macintosh clones to date, running on a 240-MHz processor.

SAN FRANCISCO--Umax Computer has unveiled one of the fastest Apple Macintosh clones to date at Macworld Expo.

The new SuperMac S900/240 is based on one of the fastest PowerPC processors available, the 240-MHz PowerPC 604e. This top-of-the-line PowerPC processor runs faster than Intel's fastest offering, the Pentium Pro processor.

The SuperMac S900/240 has been engineered using Umax technology which puts the processor on a user-upgradeable card, allowing for easy upgrades to faster processors as they become available.

The systems also feature a slot for a second processor, providing users with the option of inexpensively moving up to a dual-processor system at a later date, the company said.

The S900/240 ships with 32 MB of main memory that can be expanded to a maximum of 1 GB, a 512K level-2 cache, 8 MB of video RAM on a 128-bit graphics accelerator, an 8X speed CD-ROM, a 2.1 GB Ultra SCSI hard disk drive, 100Base-T Ethernet, 6 PCI card slots, and 4 available drive bays for adding SCSI devices. A keyboard and mouse are also included.

The first SuperMac S900/240 systems will ship in February, 1997. The system is priced at $5795, with an estimated street price under $5000.