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Fast and Furious 10 accelerates towards April 2023 release date

After F9, the 2023 film will be the second-last in the franchise, which will culminate with Fast and Furious 11.

Universal Pictures

Fast & Furious 9 is one of the biggest films of 2021 so far, grossing nearly $700 million despite COVID-19 restrictions hampering cinema attendence around the globe. With F9 now in the rear view mirror, Dominic Toretto and fam now look forward to Fast and Furious 10, which will hit cinemas on April 7 2023, according to Entertainment Weekly.

The film will start filming next January and may be shot back-to-back with its sequel, Fast and Furious 11. That's another nugget revealed by the report: as previously reported, Fast and Furious 11 will be the final film in the long-running franchise.

Fast and Furious began in 2001 as a street racing series which focused on drag races, exotic cars and associated crime syndicates. But each flick was bigger than the last, such that by Fast 5, when Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson joined the cast, it essentially become a superhero franchise -- with exhilaratingly preposterous automobile stunts as each character's superpower.

The Rock has since exited the franchise, last starring in the Hobbs & Shaw spinoff alongside Jason Statham. He had an infamous feud with Diesel throughout their time filming, which Diesel chalked up to the "tough love" he had to show Johnson when they began filming Fast 5 in 2011. 

"I wish them well on Fast 9," Johnson said to The Hollywood Reporter last month. "And I wish them the best of luck on Fast 10 and Fast 11 and the rest of the Fast & Furious movies they do that will be without me."

As one former WWE champion leaves, another entered. John Cena made his Fast and Furious debut in F9, starring as Dominic Toretto's brother. "It's the Godfather II of cartoon car crash movies," said CNET's Rich Trenholm in his review

F9 has made over $680 million at the global box office, with $200 million of that coming from China -- more than the $172 million the flick has made at the US box office. F9 is the third highest grossing film of 2021, behind Chinese titles Hi, Mom and Detective Chinatown 3.