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Fassbender replaces Bale as 'Jobs' moves from Sony to Universal

Universal has paid $30 million to take on the Steve Jobs biopic written by Aaron Sorkin and helmed by Danny Boyle.

"X-Men" and "12 Years a Slave" actor Michael Fassbender is set to play Apple co-founder Steve Jobs. Steve Russell/Toronto Star/Getty Images

Magneto has taken over from Batman in the story of Apple founder Steve Jobs. "X-Men" actor Michael Fassbender has replaced "Dark Knight" star Christian Bale in "Jobs", the biopic penned by "The Social Network" writer Aaron Sorkin.

The long-gestating film also has a new home: The Hollywood Reporter reports that Universal Studio has forked out more than $30 million to take "Jobs" off Sony's hands.

The film has had a wobble in recent weeks: only days after Sorkin confirmed Bale was the right man for the lead role, reports surfaced that Bale had bailed. Sony had been developing the film since 2011 when it bought the rights to Walter Isaacson's authorised biography shortly after Jobs' death. Earlier this week, it was reported that Sony had dropped the film.

"The Social Network" auteur David Fincher is another big name to have exited the film, replaced in the director's chair by "Slumdog Millionaire", "28 Days Later" and "Trainspotting" helmer Danny Boyle.

Seth Rogen is suggested to be in the frame to play Jobs' Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak.