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The most fashionable lunch boxes of 2019

These aren't the plastic My Little Pony lunch boxes you grew up with.

You don't have to be a child -- and eat only crustless PB&Js -- to enjoy cool lunch boxes. We've rounded up some of our favorite, most fashionable lunch boxes, all of which have gotten quite the upgrade from the ol' wrinkled brown paper bag or thin plastic Ninja Turtles/My Little Pony number we were accustomed to as kids.

From the high-tech and modern to clever, quirky and nostalgic, there's a cool lunch box, bag or tote for every preference and personality. Check out the options below.


Oh, look at all the pretty colors. We never thought our lunch bag would look like it came straight from the Museum of Modern Art, but we're certainly not complaining. Sometimes food can be a work of art so why shouldn't your lunch tote? This collection of insulated neoprene bags features plenty of prints designed by German artist Monika Strigel. 


This is the lunchbox equivalent to what one might wear to a hip gallery opening in Chelsea. Cool, simple, chic and functional. Black is always in fashion and so is this durable and dishwasher safe bento lunch box. 


While this linen lunch bag may be void of all the bells and whistles or insulation of others, it is simple, straightforward and sturdy. With its easy Velcro closure, it works well for both an adult lunch or as bags for kids. A great utilitarian option for carrying your fresh food from point A to point B during your lunch hour.


This lunch bag with an insulated interior looks like something you might have waited in line for outside a Madison Avenue boutique. It'll definitely ensure that you and your lunch contents stay cool or piping hot.


It's an inarguable fact that The Beatles are one of the best bands of all time. It's also an inarguable fact that a drum-shaped lunch pail is objectively cool. This cute lunch box is a conversation starter for sure. (If you're into that sort of thing.)


This adorable Panda is actually a stackable bento box. The different compartments let you easily pack and separate your different foods, which is perfect for picky eaters -- both adults and kids -- who don't like things to touch. 


Made from food-grade stainless steel, these chic, simple and sleek bento box-style lunch containers are customizable depending on what each meal looks like from day to day and how much you need to fit. Easy to clean and lightweight to carry for daily use. 

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