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Fashion site Nerd Boyfriend finds its Nerd Girlfriend

First, fashion site Nerd Boyfriend showed just how stylish unstylishness can be. And where there's a boyfriend, there's often a girlfriend. Meet NGF.

Nerd Girlfriend's debut "cover girl," Gilda Radner. As seen below, NGF precursor Nerd Boyfriend has featured the likes of DNA structuralists Francis Crick and James Watson; galaxy hitchhiker Douglas Adams (with game developer Steve Maretzky); and cosmo-nut Carl Sagan. Screenshots by Edward Moyer/CNET. Photos--Radner: Life magazine; Crick and Watson: Oregon State Library; Adams: BBC; Sagan: AP

Trendsetting fashion site The Sartorialist be damned! Everyone knows the geeky guys featured on Nerd Boyfriend dress much, much classier.

And now it looks like the geeky girls will get their own chance to stumble strut down the virtual runway too.

Hubba hubba: Nerd Girlfriend has arrived!

Debut "cover girl" Gilda Radner is somewhat surprisingly not in Lisa Loopner garb, but then, that's one of the things we've always liked about Nerd Boyfriend: in addition to nailing the thick-rimmed stereotype in spot-on but unexpected ways, NBF is very good at offering up a nerdy revelation or two.

In part that's because the site doesn't limit "nerd" to the tech-, science-, or intellectually oriented. And we agree: a nerd is a nerd--and though we might not always be able to define the term with slide-rule precision, we know one when we see one.

Judging from Gilda's Shakespearean sleeves, we suspect NGF will manage to be every bit as all-embracing--and yet discerning--as its male counterpart.

And, of course, with their painstakingly unearthed "you can buy it here" clothing and accessories links, both sites will help us all dress equally nerdy classy.

True, Ms. Radner is a little lonely at the moment, but that's no doubt because the other geeky girls are a bit shy. We'll be keeping our eyes on this spot. (And we'll also be begging our editor to buy us a pair of these nifty socks.)

(Via Flavorwire)