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Fashion guide for Na'vi wannabes

No, you can't actually live on Pandora, but at least you can dress like you do.

Na'vi leather mask
Etsy member FantasiesinLeather

Those driven to depression by the hard reality that Pandora is not, in fact, a real planet might be comforted to know that several Na'vi-inspired fashions now allow them to at least dress the part while being forced to inhabit this sad-sack place called Earth.

Feather necklace
Etsy member mandalarain

Most recognizably Na'vi is the above leather mask that's supposed to make you look like a hot blue babe from the Omaticaya Clan. InventorSpot found the mask on crafts site Etsy, though sadly, it does not appear to be for sale there anymore. Given that Halloween's still a ways off, this may mean someone has snatched the mask up and is currently walking the streets in it. As fashion guru Tim Gunn would say, "This worries me."

A bit more subtle but still fashionably forest is the feather necklace pictured at right, one of any number of "Avatar" jewelry pieces being offered on Etsy. Inspired by Zoe Saldana's character Neytiri, it's crafted of deerskin wrapped around leather; wooden beads; and "wildcrafted pheasant feathers." It's adjustable in length (a good thing if you're doing a lot of branch-swinging) and sells for $6 in the U.S. and $10 everywhere else.

Also available for those who prefer to express their Pandora with feathers is a $15 Pandora feather hair clip that adds turquoise, red, and deerskin to your braided coif. It might go nicely with this Neytiri hand-embroidered brooch--perfect for dressing up any blouse, bow, or spear.

If you want to take the tribal motif beyond accessories, InventorSpot wisely suggests donning skin-tight blue bicycle shorts that will make you look as close to a naked blue Na'vi as possible without actually leaving this planet. A full-body blue rubber suit would be even better, of course, though don't forget that summer is just a couple of months away.

Or perhaps you'd like to skip the Na'vi blue altogether and just go with a simple "I See You" decal for your laptop case or car window? It costs $11 and also adheres quite well to loin cloths--and foreheads.

I See You Decal
Etsy member HouseHold Words