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Farewell to Gadgettes

It's a sad day in CNET-town ... Gadgettes is going away.

It's a sad day in CNET town, everyone. As many of you might have surmised, we're canceling Gadgettes.

The Gadgettes, way back when
The Gadgettes, way back when

It's been a pretty great 187 episodes, and believe me: this is just about the hardest decision we've ever had to make (maybe even worse than that time we killed Mailbag). It's just that all three of us have literally run out of hours. And, to be frank, those of you who follow Gadgettes are vocal, passionate, and engaged ... but there just aren't very many of you. When something has to go, the numbers don't always take into account the fun, the awesome segments, the brilliant vibrator jokes, or the oh-so-endearing Extreme Lateness of every show.

We'll have our last great show next week, so feel free to send us your tributes, your outraged missives, or your favorite clips in advance ( And again: we're so very sorry. All three of us sincerely meant it when we said it's been the fun part of our week for these three years or so. Unfortunately, they don't call it fun. They call it "work." We'll miss you, fellow Gadgettes!