Far out: Beanpad Portfolio puts a little beanbag under your iPad

The latest case from accessory maker Vantage Point blends together a beanbag with an iPad case to give you a way to prop up your Apple tablet.

Vantage Point's Beanbag Portfolio combines a leather case with a beanbag. You can stick them together with Velcro to prop up the tablet for viewing. Josh Lowensohn/CNET

LAS VEGAS--Beanbags are typically associated with lounging, but they've always been more for people than gadgets.

Santa Fe Springs, Calif.-based Vantage Point has trying to shake that up with its Beanpad Portfolio stand for the iPad.

Like the Beanpad stand the company launched last October, the Portfolio has a beanbag that can be used to set the iPad on uneven surfaces. But the Portfolio does away with a mount entirely, and instead consists solely of a full leather case with Velcro backing. When you're not using the Beanpad stand, you can cart around your iPad in just the leather case.

As with other models, the company's hook is that you can switch between portrait and landscape when it's set on the mount, and you can prop up the iPad in places where Apple's own Smart Cover may not do the trick. A company spokesman also told me he thinks Vantage Point used a better quality leather than Apple uses on its first-party cases.

The Portfolio case runs $79 and comes in a handful of colors, including brown, black and pink. It only works with Apple's second-generation iPad model.

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