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FAQ: upgrading to the 16GB iPhone

FAQ: upgrading to the 16GB iPhone

With today's announcement of an 16GB iPhone, a number of users are interested in upgrading their 4GB or 8GB models. Here's the skinny on contracts, keeping your SIM card, returns and more:

Can I return my 8GB iPhone and get a 16GB model? If you bought your 8GB iPhone 14 or fewer days ago, you can return it an purchase a 16GB model for $100 more. If the iPhone has been opened, you will also be responsible for a 10 percent restocking fee.

Is the 16GB iPhone available in Europe? How much is it? The 16GB iPhone is available in both the UK and Germany. It's priced at £329 in the UK and 499 Euros in Germany.

Do I need to sign a new contract for the 16GB iPhone? No. Activate with the new SIM card and your account information will simply be updated. (Some AT&T officials are erroneously informing customers that a 2-year contract extension is required).

Can I sell my 4GB or 8GB iPhone on eBay? While there may soon be a glut of used 8GB iPhones available on eBay and through other channels, the devices are currently selling well -- many with bids of $400 or more, likely due to demand from users in countries where the iPhone is currently not sold.