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Gloriously gross 'Jaws' shark mask comes with severed hand

Disguise yourself as an ocean terror with a horrifically bloody mask of a great white shark that would impress Steven Spielberg.

Take a bite out of cosplay.

Trick or Treat Studios

You don't need to wait for Halloween to dress up as your favorite misunderstood predator from the deep blue sea. You can pick up an officially licensed "Jaws" shark-head mask sculpted in loving detail right down to the gaping maw, pointy teeth and beady black eyes.

The villain from the 1975 thriller "Jaws" is usually just known as "the shark," but crew members who worked on the production affectionately named the beast "Bruce." The mask comes from Trick or Treat Studios, a company that also makes a creepy Alice Cooper mask and a variety of zombie faces from "The Walking Dead."

The "Jaws" mask really goes above and beyond. It could have just been a generic shark head, but instead it's been elevated to a form of really gross wearable art. Bruce's mouth is wide open, and tucked inside are part of a scuba air tank and what's left of Quint's hand.

You might recall Quint's horrifying death scene where the shark sinks his ship and gulps the hunter down to a soundtrack of sickening crunches. It's just as hard-core as anything you'll see on "Game of Thrones."

The mask is lined with foam to keep it light and allow for a snug fit. Slits inside the mouth act as eye holes so you can see who you're terrorizing as you walk around singing "duuuuh-nuuuuh, duuuuh-nuuuuh, duuh-nuuh, duuh-nuuh."

The mask costs $80 (about £55, AU$110). It's not the sort of thing you'll want to leave out around the house lest you want to scare the wits out of yourself every time you catch sight of it out of the corner of your eye. It will be a great accoutrement to take on your next beach or boating vacation. Might I suggest a sharkskin fabric suit to go with it? And these are definitely the shoes you need.

(Via The Awesomer)