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Fantastic! See the Ninth Doctor regenerate in 8-bit

Check out these meticulously crafted posters of the "Doctor Who" universe rendered in glorious 8-bit.

Nathan Skreslet/PixelWho

Graphic designer Nathan Skreslet combined his love of "Doctor Who" and the now trendy 8-bit video games of yesteryear into PixelWho, a wonderful series of pixelated posters of characters from the "Doctor Who" universe. Skreslet's goal is to document all 50 years of "Doctor Who" movies and series in 8-bit glory. His posters feature pixelated renderings of every single character from a particular doctor's time stream, regardless of how big or small a role they played.

Skreslet has just finished his work on the Ninth Doctor's timeline and its 240 total characters, such as the members of the Slitheen family, the Face of Bo, and Ninth Doctor Chris Eccleston himself. The artist laid out colored squares by hand instead of using a computer rendering tool, and it took him several months to finish.

He's launching the poster as a product via a Kickstarter campaign, and anyone can buy prints starting at $35 (roughly £20, AU$33). His other posters of the first, fourth, and tenth doctors are also available should you want to round out your collection. Fantastic!

Nathan Skreslet/PixelWho