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Fanboi fruit: Real apples with Apple logos

"Tan-tooed" Japanese apples ripen with devotion for their corporate disciple.

A freshly harvested bushel of obsession. Blog!Nobon

It's such a delicious idea for a meme, I can't believe I haven't seen it before. An apple orchard in Japan has taken to "tan-tooing" its sweet fruit with Apple images and logos.

A "tan-too" in progress. Blog!Nobon

Apparently the fruit growers put stickers on the apples before they were fully ripe, allowing them to darken around the insignia of the company that has most definitely stolen the actual apple's thunder of late.

It's the perfect gift for the Apple fan who actually looks forward to standing in line for the latest iPhone each year. While an Apple product's lifespan can be measured in years, an actual apple won't last more than a few weeks, giving you plenty of opportunities to buy more and show your love time and time again.

If you happen to come across one of these apples in the wild, however, I strongly advise against biting into one if you're anywhere near a Russian Orthodox church.

(Via Lost at E Minor)