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Fan-made 'Star Wars: Episode VIII' trailer will get you as excited as the real thing

Woo-woo! Get on board the "Episode VIII" hype train with an excellent fan-made trailer designed to stir your Star Wars-loving heart.

Filming wrapped this month for "Star Wars: Episode VIII," but fans are still eagerly awaiting the first official trailer for the sequel to "The Force Awakens." YouTube user Alex Luthor has a little something to tide you over: a heart-pounding fan-made trailer for the film, which isn't due in theaters until late 2017.

Luthor combined footage from a variety of sources, including "The Force Awakens," as well as some other fan films. There's no need for a booming Hollywood voice-over here. Snippets of Star Wars film dialogue keep the trailer moving. There's an especially exciting moment when a blue lightsaber blade appears beside Luke Skywalker in an altered clip from "The Force Awakens."

"For people who say that the trailer is fake, well, obviously. I didn't make this trailer to fool or scam anyone, it's just a fan trailer," Luthor notes in the video description. YouTube has a healthy history of Star Wars fan films, ranging from this action-packed Darth Maul short to an X-Wing and TIE fighter dogfight shot with drones. The "Episode VIII" trailer fits right in with this creative legacy.