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Family-oriented VR series coming from Spielberg collaborators

The Virtual Reality Company has announced its first family-friendly VR series will rollout to VR devices and cinemas in Spring 2017.

Many VR experiences up until now have been geared towards an adult market, with shoot-em-ups the flavor of the day. So it's refreshing to see a new VR series that is targeted at families.

"Raising a Rukus" from the Virtual Reality Company (VRC) is a series of "magical adventures with a brother and sister led by their mischievous pet dog, Rukus." The series, announced by VRC on Monday, offers branching narratives based on the user's decisions which should offer some replay value.

VRC will release the new adventure series on "major VR platforms, mobile, premium HMDs, and theatrically". The first installment of "Raising a Rukus" will roll out to cinemas in the US, Canada and Europe in Spring.

VRC is also collaborating on another family-oriented project with director Steven Spielberg with details yet to be announced.