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Family Guy and Bob's Burgers renewed for more seasons on Fox

Additional animated adventures are on the way for both the Griffins and the Belchers.

The Belcher family get a chance to make burgers and have more fun in another season of Bob's Burgers on Fox.


Get ready for more burgers and talking dogs. 

Fox "quietly renewed" the animated TV shows Family Guy and Bob's Burgers, according to The Hollywood Reporter on Tuesday.

For those keeping track, that's season 18 for Family Guy and season 10 for Bob's Burgers. 

Fox did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Family Guy and Bob's Burgers isn't the only animated series getting more seasons on Fox. Last week Fox announced that it would be renewing the long-running series The Simpsons for two additional seasons. 

More animated hijinks are the way from the Griffin family as Fox renews Family Guy.


"This is the network that set the standard for primetime animation," Fox CEO Charlie Collier said during the Television Critics Association winter press tour on Feb. 6. 

"The Simpsons and Family Guy and Bob's Burgers are the heavyweights of the genre, and we're intent on finding the next generation of culture defining animated comedies to join them," Collier added.