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Fallout 76's beta will launch first on Xbox One

Here are a few more details about the upcoming beta.


If you want to be part of Fallout 76's upcoming beta, you have to pre-order the game. We knew that already but here's what we didn't know until now: the Fallout 76 beta will launch first on the Xbox One.

As per the Fallout 76 beta FAQ:

The B.E.T.A. will be available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and on PC (via Stay tuned for exact timing for each platform here and @Fallout on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Please note that the B.E.T.A. for Xbox One will begin first, followed by other platforms.

Here's what we still don't know: when the beta begins and the gap between the Xbox One beta launch and other platforms such as the PC or PlayStation 4. We suspect the Xbox One will have a short lead time.

Bethesda didn't immediately respond when asked for comment.

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Registering for the beta involves pre-ordering, taking a code you receive (either from the retailer or the digital store) and registering that code at

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