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Fallout 4 release celebrated in Rocket League with Vault Boy antenna

Developer reveals special Fallout 4 decoration, available in a free new update.

To mark the Fallout 4 release date on Tuesday, the acclaimed car-football arcade game Rocket League will add in a special Vault Boy antenna that players can decorate their vehicles with.

Capitalizing on the widespread anticipation for Fallout 4's launch, developer Psyonix revealed on Twitter it was preparing to update Rocket League so that all players would be given the Vault Boy antenna for free.

Rocket League, which first shipped in July on PC and PlayStation 4, was lauded by GameSpot in its review. Critic Miguel Concepcion said, "the promising concept of combining two wonderful things -- cars and soccer -- is equally magnificent in execution."

The quirky soccer-meets-bumper-cars game allows players to mod their vehicles with numerous vanity items, such as exhausts that blow rainbow-coloured fire, national flags for each car's antenna and hats to place on the sunroofs.

Fallout 4 ships across the UK, Australia and North America on Tuesday, November 10.