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Fallout 4 publisher opens new studio to expand console, PC, mobile development

Canadian studio currently staffed by over 40 developers.

Bethesda Game Studios has opened up a new development studio in Montreal, Quebec with an aim to "expand its development capabilities in console, PC, and mobile gaming."

"We've worked with some very talented developers in Montreal for a long time, and decided it was time to open a studio there," said Todd Howard, game director and executive producer at Bethesda Game Studios. "It's exciting to think about the new games we'll be building together."

The Montreal studio has a core team of over 40 developers working on both console and mobile games. It is managed by Yves Lachance, formerly senior vice president of publishing at Behaviour Interactive.

"Our collaboration with Bethesda Game Studios has been an exhilarating and memorable journey already," said Lachance. "We are thrilled to be launching the studio in Montreal and contributing our city's great game-making talent to the kind of games that Bethesda Game Studios is known for."

Bethesda's latest game was Fallout 4, which received critical acclaim at release and has performed strongly at retail. It sold more than 1.8 million digital units across Steam, Xbox Live and PlayStation Network, according to an independent research group.

Bethesda has also announced Fallout 4 shipped 12 million copies to retailers on launch day alone. This, it said, represented "sales in excess of $750 million."

Upcoming games being published by Bethesda include BattleCry, Doom and Dishonored 2.