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'Fallout 3' springs for a full-page 'NYT' ad

Check out Tuesday's Election Day 'New York Times,' where 'Fallout 3' was featured in a full-color, full-page ad.

It's a clear sign of the continuing evolution of video games when hot titles splurge on big mainstream media ads. The most shocking example we've seen recently has been Tuesday's Election Day New York Times, where Fallout 3 was featured in a full-color, full-page ad (see below), taking up the coveted back cover spot of the paper's "A" section.

That's especially surprising, as Fallout isn't a particularly mainstream brand, along the lines of the Halo or the Rock Band franchises, but a fairly serious RPG that requires a multi-hour investment of time to get into, and offers little in the way of immediate gratification (not that we're not enjoying the game, having just passed the 39-hour mark).

The ad plays up a string of recent "perfect" review scores (a contentious topic we discuss on the latest episode of the Digital City podcast), but we doubt that more than a small slice of the paper's daily readers would be in the right demographic group for a full-page video game ad, especially one that quotes the Official Xbox Magazine or GameSpy.

Are newspaper ads a smart investment for games? What game do you think will be the next to buy a full page in the New York Times?