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Bats & Supes: How Rob Lowe will save the world

Podcast: Now with added special guest! We roped CNET editor Iyaz Akhtar into joining us for one very strange, very weird special episode.


Oh hey, Bat-Owl.

Zack Snyder

Batman has a new suit and no one's happy about it, Underworld's newest installment has a new trailer and the fall television season is really getting underway. We're also mildly sad that "Star Trek: Discovery" has been pushed back from January to May -- but we figure it's OK as long as they use the time wisely.

I'm happy to report the addition of a third person really did not help us stay on track this week. But don't worry, we talked about Lifetime movies at length.

The One Where They Build a House (s2e2)

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