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Tech Industry

Fake Steve says namaste to 'Newsweek'

The outed author of the Secret Diary of Steve Jobs blog, Daniel Lyons, is taking his show over to Newsweek after a decade at magazine-publishing rival Forbes.

Daniel Lyons, creator of the Fake Steve Jobs blog. Forbes

Daniel Lyons, the creator of Fake Steve Jobs, is taking his show on the road.

Lyons is leaving Forbes, which has hosted FSJ since Lyons was outed as the creative force behind the blog last year, for Newsweek, according to Silicon Alley Insider.

Fake Steve himself confirms that some sort of hiatus is planned for the next several months, alluding to the recent "concern" over his health in unfurling a plan to spend several months recharging his irreplaceable internal battery on an island in the South Pacific.

Fake Steve was quite the sensation last year, but Internet memes come and go faster than 24-point leads, despite the fact that FSJ remains an amusing source of tech industry satire. Lyons will be taking the place of Steve Levy at Newsweek, who departed for Wired earlier this year.