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Fake NY Craigslist ad seeks renter who will pay in cookies

It's not real, of course. But there are probably loads of New Yorkers who would take a dirt-cheap room with the requirement that they bake a batch of cookies every day.

UPDATE: The Craigslist post in question has been flagged for removal.

A Craigslist ad for an available room in a two-bedroom apartment in Manhattan's pricey West Village claimed that the asking price was $1 per month--and a fresh batch of cookies every day. (As of Wednesday morning, the ad was flagged for removal and is no longer available on Craigslist.)

Funny, I didn't know he lived in the Village. Public Broadcasting Service

Yeah, it's tongue-in-cheek. As Gotham gossip blog Jossip put it, "There's no way someone would really rent out a room in the West Village for $1 a month and daily fresh baked cookies. In the West Village, you could get at least $50 a month and daily fresh baked cookies."

But considering New York's wacky real-estate climate, where $1,000 per month for a room's rent is considered cheap, plenty of cash-strapped urbanites would probably take up either offer in a heartbeat.

"You would be sharing the (two-bedroom apartment) with me, and you must bake me cookies every day," the ad explained. "I will tell you what kind of cookies the night before, and you have until 6 PM the next day to have 50 of them baked and delicious for me."

OK, sounds doable.

"You may not use nutmeg unless I EXPLICITLY give you permission," the ad continued. "Violation of this rule will result in immediate eviction and denunciation unto God."

That's easy to remember. Just leave nutmeg off the shopping list.

But the picky eater goes on: "I do like cinnamon, however. Anise is banned, as are caraway, cardamom, and allspice. You may use vanilla extract, but not the bean. Walnuts, almonds, and filberts are approved, whereas peanuts, macadamias, and cashews are not. Raisins are encouraged."

OK, as long as chocolate's allowed.

After delineating even more requirements for the construction and presentation of the cookies, the advertiser gives instructions for interested tenants: "If interested, please send me your favorite recipe for cookies, a short poem about cookies, and a picture of nice-looking cookies."

Hold on, let me go grab my camera.