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Fake blog, GadgetNugen, roasts gadget rumors

I like it because it's not really real at all.

Screenshot by Matt Hickey

I'm the first to admit that we as gadget bloggers love good rumors. Without them, many of you readers wouldn't be hovering over that "refresh" button for hours when new Zune phone or iPhone speculation starts circulating. But sometimes the rumors are ridiculous.

Enter GadgetNugen, a new blog that roasts gadget rumors with speculations and complete falsehoods that are literally too good to be true.

The latest post, for example, features a rumor that Tesla is working on a giant electric SUV that can fit 24 people and has a 103-inch plasma display instead of a windshield, a very Star Trek notion.

We're not sure who's behind it, but it's funny. We're happy someone's out there with this perspective to keep us grounded. Heaven forbid we post about every rumor we hear about Microsoft buying blip.TV or whatever. (I just made that up. See? Fun!)