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FaceTime for iOS 6 not working, some users report

But iOS 7's FaceTime integration seems to be working just fine for most users.


Apple mobile device owners who have yet to switch to iOS 7 are reporting issues with FaceTime.

Several people have gone to Apple's support forums, as well as other Apple-related forums around the Web, reporting that they've been unable to connect to the FaceTime video chat service from iOS 6-based devices. A smattering of iOS 7 users reported the same, but a much larger number, including myself in my own testing of the feature on an iOS 7-based device, have found that it's working properly.

Not surprisingly, speculation is rampant over why iOS 6 FaceTime support isn't working. For instance: Is it a technical glitch, or is this a passive-aggressive nudge on Apple's part to get folks who are still on iOS 6 to take the leap to iOS 7?

Apple's own Status Page says that FaceTime is running fine, and the company has not posted anything in its forums suggesting any issues with iOS 6. It's also possible that this is a localized issue affecting a small number of users and that Apple is working on a fix.

Apple reported earlier this month that 87 percent of its users have updated to iOS 7, leaving just 11 percent at iOS 6.

CNET has contacted Apple for comment on the FaceTime issue. We will update this story when we have more information.

(Via Cult of Mac)