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FaceRig maps your face onto a 3D avatar in real time

How would you look as a demon? A software program seeking funding on Indiegogo uses a Webcam to map your facial expressions and movements onto the face of an animated character.


Ever have days where you're not quite feeling yourself? Soon you may be able to make yourself into someone else -- at least online.

A team of veteran game developers from Romania have built what they're calling FaceRig, a piece of software that maps your facial movements in real time onto the head of an animated character. The project's currently making a run on Indiegogo, where it has far surpassed its $120,000 fundraising goal with 28 days left to go in the campaign.

Although the use of such software would at this point be highly limited in actual games, its purpose -- at least initially -- is a little more realistic. The idea is to stream the resultant output to Skype, Twitch, or any other Webcam-based service. The program uses real-time image-based tracking technology developed by Sweden's Visage Technologies, and audio processing to alter your voice to make you sound more like a character.

In this way, you could build yourself an online persona specifically for interacting with others; the four examples used by creator HoloTech are a fox, an anime lady, a demon, and a space captain.

At launch, there will be 10 avatars and backgrounds available, with the ability to customize the avatars. More avatars will be made available over time in packs that can be purchased by the user, and HoloTech expects that there will be a lot of free, community-created content available. The program will also be available over both desktop and mobile platforms, each with its own exclusive avatars and backgrounds.

Licenses start with a pledge as low as $5 for the home user, up to $50, which includes all future expansions. Business licenses start at $40.

(Source: CNET Australia)