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FaceCake augments your reality with clothing, makeup, and more

FaceCake, maker of the augmented-reality shopping software called Swivel, shows off the newest iterations of its product here at CES 2013.

The original FaceCake Swivel lets you pick different outfits using gestures. Josh Miller/CNET

LAS VEGAS--Software usually isn't the flashiest category to show at CES, but FaceCake's 3D virtual dressing room might be an exception.

CNET previously covered FaceCake's Swivel product back in February 2011, when the company first introduced the idea of adding virtual dressing rooms to online retail sites. Now, the Swivel product is carried in select Bloomingdale's department stores. To be clear, augmented reality, the technology behind Swivel, is not exactly new, but FaceCake's implementation of it, both online and in brick-and-mortar stores, is certainly noteworthy.

Here at CES, we got a chance to try out FaceCake's core product Swivel, just as it appears in stores. The technology lets you stand in front of a connected camera and "try on" different pieces of clothing by having their digital images superimposed on your body. It even lets you try out different accessories like purses and belts. If you raise your arms, the outfits adjust accordingly, and you can even turn to see the sides and back.

FaceCake's new Swivel Close-Up is a smaller experience that's designed for makeup and jewelry. Josh Miller/CNET

Debuting here at CES 2013 are FaceCake's newest products Swivel Close-Up and Swivel Digital Signage. The first, Swivel Close-Up is a 2-foot-wide version of Swivel that lets shoppers try on jewelry and different shades of makeup. This is important because, as you can imagine, people typically can't exactly go into a store to try on 20 or so different shades of lipstick. With Close-Up, now they can.

Swivel Digital Signage shuffles through preprogrammed outfits. Josh Miller/CNET

Also new from the company is FaceCake's Swivel Digital Signage. This product is similar to the original Swivel, but it continuously shuffles through different programmed outfits as shoppers pass by. While the original Swivel product is meant to help shoppers try on outfits, the new Digital Signage is meant to draw them into the store in the first place.