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Facebook's Zuckerberg disses iPhone, removes post

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg offers some strong criticisms of the iPhone on his Facebook wall. After these become public, the post is removed.

Many of you have recently been tortured to distraction while trying to decide what information to make public on Facebook and what to keep to just yourself and, perhaps, a few hundred advertisers.

So I know you will have enormous sympathy with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

The fine eagle eyes and hawk claws at Valleywag noticed Monday that Zuckerberg had offered a rather forthright post on his Facebook wall. It was about the iPhone.

Zuckerberg reportedly declared: "This week I got an iPhone. This weekend I got four chargers so I can keep it charged everywhere I go and a land line so I can actually make calls."

While friends offered expansive sympathy such as "So true," Facebook's CEO went on to explain that his BlackBerry was hurting his thumbs and that he would "probably get an iPhone 4 if I don't switch to Android."

I found myself contemplating whether President Obama might simply have stronger thumbs than Zuckerberg, or whether he simply doesn't type as hard. So I decided to inspect the Facebook CEO's wall more closely. However, it seems that, as they say in the NFL, after further review, Zuckerberg may have reversed his black iPhone humor.

The post has been removed. Might he have considered that making jokes about the iPhone was so very yesterday? Especially as it doesn't seem to have even been a joke about the iPhone 4.

Or might he have wondered that he was nibbling at the palm that was feeding him a few crumbs, given that Apple has been rather generous in featuring Facebook pages in its iPad ads?

With Facebook's new privacy settings and its Like buttons following you everywhere around the Web, one really has to think very hard about who might be looking at one's intimate musings.

It is heartening to know that Facebook's CEO seems to be enjoying similar mental anguish with respect to his own social networking persona.