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Facebook's Parse helps mobile developers build for the Web

The social network's mobile platform now caters to app makers who want a Web presence.


Less than two weeks after announcing its sale to Facebook, mobile app development platform Parse has expanded its product suite to include hosting for app makers who want a Web presence, no servers required.

Parse plays host to 80,000 iOS, Android, Windows, and HTML5 apps, whose makers have entrusted their infrastructure and people management needs to the company. Facebook reportedly picked up the 2-year-old company for $85 million in cash and stock.

Today, Parse introduced a Web-hosting option geared for developers who want a painless way to port apps to the desktop. The company created AnyYolk, a sample Web-based game, to showcase its new hosting product. Developers also can use Parse to host landing pages for their mobile apps and to spotlight app data, such as leader boards, on the Web.

"Parse Hosting makes it dead simple for developers to create a Web presence for their apps," CEO Ilya Sukhar said in a statement. "Developers get server-free development from beginning to end so they can focus on the fun stuff: creating a great user experience."

With the launch, the Facebook-owned company hopes to convince clients and would-be customers that it's still looking out for their best interests. Sure, Parse may have been swallowed by a social network with a less than altruistic interest in growing its developer community, but the mobile app development platform company hasn't changed, so the message goes.