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Facebook's iOS Messenger app gets all sticky

The sticker trend grows as the social network rolls out emoticons with its Messenger app update; it also brings back the delete-by-swiping feature for inbox messages.

Facebook rolls out stickers for its iOS Messenger app. Facebook

Ever had the need to show what you're feeling on Facebook Messenger with an image of a cute pink critter holding a heart-shaped pillow? Well, you're in luck.

The social network updated its iOS Messenger app on Monday with a grab bag of stickers. For those people unfamiliar with stickers, they're basically emoticons that users can tack onto messages for added sentiment, gusto, or laughs. Facebook will be rolling out the stickers on its iOS Messenger app over the next few weeks; Facebook Messenger for Android already has the stickers.

Currently, Facebook's stickers are free, but there is a chance it might start charging a nominal fee for certain "packs" of stickers. The social-networking app Path recently added stickers, which are free for the first two packs and then cost $1.99 for additional bags of a dozen images. Path added new packs of stickers to its app on Monday that include the Peanuts characters.

Facebook debuted stickers for its general iOS app last month and has since launched images created by illustrator Matt Jones. The pack by Jones features 16 facial expressions such as surprise, sympathy, sadness, and cheerfulness.

In additional to rolling out stickers with Monday's update, Facebook also brought back the ability for users to delete conversations from their inbox with a swipe of the finger.