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Facebook's iOS app gets stickers, Chat Heads

The social network gives iPhone users a way to use certain Home features, Google sidesteps ads in Glass, and CNET looks at how tech was used to communicate after Boston Marathon explosions.

CNET Update starts a new type of sticker collection:

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In this tech roundup, Google reveals the technical specs for Google Glass, and we also learn that it won't display ads in your eye (at least for now).

Only a select group gets the chance to buy this early version of Google Glass, but here's something Android fans can order now: The Samsung Galaxy S4. Preorders have begun for the smartphone at AT&T and U.S. Cellular, and the phones will ship on April 30.

Facebook found a way to bring Chat Heads to the iPhone, but it only works within the app. Facebook also launched a messaging feature called stickers, which are oversized cartoons to represent emotions. Only iOS users can send a sticker, but any user can receive one.

And Update ends with a look at the role of technology in communications following the bombings at the Boston Marathon. Police turned to Twitter for tips, crowdsourced videos could help investigators, and cell networks went down due to high traffic.

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